Accessibility Statement

TouchNet strives to provide the best possible software experience for end-users who use our Rich Internet Applications, including those with disabilities. Where possible, we are dedicated to maintaining the level of compliance set forth by Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act as it relates to software development, dynamically driven content, real-time integration with enterprise software, user interface design, browser usability, external hardware, and assistive devices.

Features used to enhance the Ellucian Payment Center, TouchNet Bill+Payment, and TouchNet Marketplace end-user application accessibility:

  • Textual equivalents are provided for all non-textual elements.
  • No multimedia elements are used.
  • Color recognition is not required to convey information.
  • Style sheets are not required to view content.
  • Data tables are clearly identified for logical use.
  • Server/client images and maps are not utilized in applications.
  • Frames are not utilized in applications.
  • Animation is not utilized in applications.
  • All applets and plug-ins are linked to appropriate providers.
  • All forms and form elements are designed for accessibility.
  • Skip navigation is used when appropriate.

Other ongoing TouchNet accessibility initiatives include:

  • Review of updated guidelines as they are released.
  • Continuing assessment of application software and development processes as they relate to future guidelines.